Thursday, 26 February 2015

FOTD(food of the day) and Tropical Places

For today I had some delicious Pork cutlet with a fresh mango salsa. This was probably one of my favourite meals because it reminded me of Hawaii. On the topic of hawaii🌴 I am going to the Big Island for the first time! This is my seventh time going to the Hawaiian islands in general; my favourite isle has  to be Kauai but Maui and Oahu are very close seconds. I feel blessed to have such great meals and to be travelling to a tropical place! That's it for today I am hoping to get more regular posts up. 
Xoxo Calla

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Minced Chicken Wontons With Sweet Soy Chili Dip

Today I was over visiting a family friend while I was sick, and I was lucky enough to be treated to some delicious cuisine.  The wontons
consist of minced  chicken and are wrapped
in a regular wonton shell. The wontons can be fried or boiled without a shell(make sure chicken is cooked;). Fried is a special treat but they taste equally good fried and un-fried. The sauce is a mix of sweet chilli sauce mixed with soy. It was a delicious meal that I thoroughly enjoyed:)

Happy Belated V-Day to All and to all a good afternoon

I spent this Valentines Day sick but on the upside I got to spend time with faily.I enjoyed a firework show and some sparklers! It took a while to get the sparklers to light but after a while we were pleasantly surprised by  the turn out. Sometimes the best way to spend V-day is with the ones you love most, family, (and chocolate of course). xoxo -Calla