Saturday, 21 March 2015

Packing for Hawaii!

 This spring break I am going to the big island!!! I thought I would share a couple of my favourite packing tips. I have always found that packing all my stuff in a larger suitcase so I can save room for goodies that I get on my trip. Rolling your clothes up into little sausages will help save a lot of room in your suitcase. Even if you are going somewhere warm its always best to pack a warmer outfit. Remember to always pack ahead of time, it saves you time and stress and helps you get out the door quicker if you have an early morning flight. Have a great spring break everyone

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Benefit Roller Lash First Impressions and Review

   Today I popped into Sephora looking for a curling mascara. Natrually I headed straight for the Benefit section of the store and the first thing I saw was this mascara. I always have very high expectations for mascara and this one met them. I first want to say that i did not feel the need for a curler and it gave my eyelashes a high amount of definition and curl.

The packaging was super cute and it has a little wiper inside the bottle to ensure no extra product is picked up on the brush. The brush has tiny bristles with extra tiny spikes(they don't hurt) to really pick up your lashes like a curler would. I would give this mascara an 8.5/10 I was very impressed and i will be using this for everyday make up. One thing I would do is use a volumizing mascara towards the base of the upper lash to give some added volume. I say this is a great product and I definitely would recommend this for girls with long and straight eyelashes.

Info on the product
$= $29 CAD
brand=Benefit Cosmetics
sponsored=no all opinions are mine:)

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Today I thought I would do a favourites post! I chose 8 of my favourite items that I have been using lately!
Right>TONYMOLY Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in:coco
I loved this product because first the packaging is so cute! And the smell is amazing. They also have an adorable lip gloss with equally adorable packaging
where to find it>Urban Outfitters

<Left Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
This make up product was pricey but it was definitely worth it! if you want something that will do the job of about 3 products then this is for you. I use this and it gives me great coverage throughout the day and it feels really light on my face and does not feel cakey.
where to find>Sephora
Right> Lush Imogen Rose solid perfume
This is a go-to item for me! I like to use solid perfumes a lot more than regular mist perfume because they are a lot less concentrated and come in portable sizes. This is perfect to have in your purse so you can put it on throughout the day.
Where to find>Lush Cosmetics
<Left Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara
This is one of my favourite mascaras. One thing i always look for in a mascara is non irritating because i find myself rubbing my eyes and ending up looking like a racoon for the rest of the day(sorry racoons!) I sometimes find it a little on the clumpy side but can be fixed with a little combing.
where to find>Sephora
right> Fitbit Flex
The Fitbit is an essential everyday item for me. It inspires me to stay active and fit! The fitbit tracks your steps and keep and you can even log calories and exercise. Mine is in black with the small band which is included in the package.
Where to find>Fitbit online
<Left butterfly Andy Warhol design quote earrings
These are my favourite pair of earrings because they are so cute and elegant. They are designed by Andy Warhol himself and have the quote "everyone must have a fantasy" on one of them.
where to find>they were a gift sorry;)

right> Bamiyan Silver bracelet
This bracelet is so pretty! I love that it can go with almost all of my outfits and it makes for a very effortless stacked bracelet style.
Where to find>Bamiyan Silver online store

Below Michelle Phan Make Up book
This book is something I will read that is a real pick me up. It is beautifully written and Michelle is such a down to earth person that you feel like you are with her:) Where to find>Local retail bookstore

Thanks for reading Hawaii posts coming soon!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Hi everyone!
So today I thought I would bake some muffins for a snack and I found the most amazing muffin recipe ever! I was just scrolling through Allrecipes and i saw that these banana crumb muffins were rated five star so I thought They would be good to try out. I included some pics of the process of making them and the prep was really easy one thing i would recommend is adding a tiny bit of liquid to the batter since mine came out very doughy. I will link the recipe right here>
In a couple days I will be posting my travel and in flight essentials so keep posted;)