Sunday, 19 April 2015


 Long time no see! Today I am going to show you how to use accessories to their advantage. I think my favourite thing other than makeup and clothes is accessorizing. There are so many possibilities and ideas I thought I would share some combos with you guys. My absolute favourite summer accessory would have to be my circle vintage sunglasses, I just love how retro they are and they fit my face perfectly! Wether I am hangin out with friends or going out I will wear these. I will sometimes even wear them at night(don't judge). Another thing I will often be found wearing are bangle bracelets or just bracelets in general. My favourite brand right nowise Alex and Ani, they make adorable bangle charms and they look really cool stacked together. I sometimes wear earrings but I usually end up forgetting to put them on. Some of my favourites are these cute dog ones that have wagging tails. A necklace can also make or break and outfit you have to know how to wear them according to what outfit you have on. My favourite necklace is a choker that my mom made for me(she is a lamp artist I will link info below) I can wear it with almost anything!
Thanks for reading  :)
                                                    Above: Retro sunglasses

                                           Above: Bangle stack key necklace and cat ring
                                          above: go colourful! Chocker necklace and sure vida bracelets
                                          Above: Dog earrings Alex and Ani and other metals

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hawaii!! The Big Island experience

Okay the first thing I can say is wow. Hawaii has been so much fun! I have previously been to Kauai(once) Oahu(three times) Maui(Twice) and I am visiting the Big Island right now. Before I came to Hawaii I had already experienced so many cool things on each island. All of the islands were unique in their own ways. When I first arrived on the Big Island I saw a huge hill in the distance. While driving to our place we saw lots of lava and a donkey crossing sign. On our first morning in Hawaii we explored where we were staying (which was the west or the Kohala side of the island in Waikoloa villas) we got to see so many beautiful things right when we stepped
outside such as plumeria trees and some friendly
geckos. The beach that was right near our house
(A'bay short for Anaehoomalu Bay) Was really pretty
It had nice sand and crystal clear waters. I found that
the Big Island had so much diversity on the east side it is lush and rainy and on the west side you will
find dried lava! I had an amazing stay and I recommend
this island for everyone!

Where we stayed: Waikoloa area near a'bay

beaches: Hapuna, A'bay, Kua Bay, Kahaluu

Shopping in Waikoloa> We usually went to the Kings or Queens markets which had lots of chain and local stores. One of my favourite stores in those places was Mary Jane's which was a really cute accessory store. There was also another shopping centre in Waikoloa village too. Hilo had a whole bunch of really cool local shops that were really fun to browse.

Right>Always gotta get Starbucks. The Starbucks I went to was in the Queens Market

below:Sunset airplane window picture

Right> Mid Day view of A'bay with a catamaran in the distance
Left< My little gecko friend that I found on the roof:)

Right>Another photo of an A'bay cat
Left< Local kitties eating at A'bay for more info on these kitties go to
                                                 Above Fishpond near A'bay

Left< Pic of the ocean. We went on a whale watching boat tour. We saw whales but they were to quick for me to snap a photo;)

Right> View of  a volcano on our helicopter tour

  • <left Rainbow from pic from helicopter

       Right> View of Hapuna beach

Bottom: Aerial view of a waterfall on help tour.
Blue Island Helicopter agency recommended.