Sunday, 19 April 2015


 Long time no see! Today I am going to show you how to use accessories to their advantage. I think my favourite thing other than makeup and clothes is accessorizing. There are so many possibilities and ideas I thought I would share some combos with you guys. My absolute favourite summer accessory would have to be my circle vintage sunglasses, I just love how retro they are and they fit my face perfectly! Wether I am hangin out with friends or going out I will wear these. I will sometimes even wear them at night(don't judge). Another thing I will often be found wearing are bangle bracelets or just bracelets in general. My favourite brand right nowise Alex and Ani, they make adorable bangle charms and they look really cool stacked together. I sometimes wear earrings but I usually end up forgetting to put them on. Some of my favourites are these cute dog ones that have wagging tails. A necklace can also make or break and outfit you have to know how to wear them according to what outfit you have on. My favourite necklace is a choker that my mom made for me(she is a lamp artist I will link info below) I can wear it with almost anything!
Thanks for reading  :)
                                                    Above: Retro sunglasses

                                           Above: Bangle stack key necklace and cat ring
                                          above: go colourful! Chocker necklace and sure vida bracelets
                                          Above: Dog earrings Alex and Ani and other metals

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