Friday, 18 September 2015

Monthly Favourites!

Looks like its that time of the month again;) A favourites post! I know it is pretty late for one of these, but I will still show you guys what I was constantly using in the summer. Many of these products are not new but they are definitely great, worth-while products.

 To start out the new year(not really) you always need a good ol' planner. I fell in love with this one when I saw it at the shop. It has a range of cool goodies inside such as stickers, and even a secret code! Definitely a must-have for anyone who loves to plan, or just loves cutesy things.
Brand: ban.dō

above^ Adorable cat face iPhone 6 case
Brand: Talula
above^ This nail polish bonder works miracles! I found my nail polish stayed on for about 5 days which is something to say for me (who is constantly using her hands). Great product and really good price! brand: Quo by Orly
above^ To me this is the holy grail of lip tints. It goes on smooth and the pigment lasts about 4 hours! Sadly I was dumb enough not to get a picture of the actual colour. I looked on the online website and could not find the shade:( It does have a name which is Le Cameron and has dupe in a similar shade which is Fresh Carnal. This is the baby balm lipstick.
Brand: Vincent Longo
 above^ Body wash and rollerball perfume
I love these Pacifica products! Tuscan blood orange and indian coconut nectar smell heavenly. My only con is that the perfume scent does not last very long:(
Brand: Pacifica
Above^ This brow pencil is a must have if you have sparse blond brow hairs. This product is a miracle! The best part is that it has a spollie(not sure if I spelled that correctly)  brush on the end to groom and blend the pigment in! I really recommend this product if you have sparse brows or if you need a little pick me up;)
Brand: Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown
Last but not least we have one of my favourite mascaras. Everyone was talking about this one, so of course I had to go and pick it up from my local Sephora. This mascara can be whatever you want it to be, if you have thick and short to  long and blonde  this mascaras for you! It looks good on almost everyone. I previously did a first impressions on the roller lash and I find they're real works well with the roller lash also.
Thanks for reading!