Monday, 28 December 2015

Lush Favorites!

 Hey everyone,
Today I am going to talk about on of my favourite brands, which is of course Lush! Now for Christmas I got a couple of goodies from Lush that I still haven't tried but will mention in this post. A few of the items here are old favourites so that is why they are almost out or look quite seasoned:) One of the reasons I love supporting the brand is because they do not test on animals. Lush also has natural and vegan products and use many fresh ingredients. Right now I am currently at my cabin in the mountains so that explains the change of scenery. I also find that Lush products smell amazing despite the fact that some have pretty weird ingredients. Okay lets get into the favourites. I grouped the products according to what they are used for i.e. body, hands, shower etc.

Here are three of my absolute favourite products for the shower. The Olive Branch  
smells amazing and   
  makes my skin super soft after a shower while most other shower gels 
dry my skin out.   I find it  hard to describe the smell but trust me on this one, it smells great!    Okay so this American Cream conditioner is literally heaven. First of all it smells like vanilla and strawberries. This conditioner makes my hair super soft and I have found it does miracles for my split ends. I would not say it's heavy but it works great for an everyday conditioning treatment.  Even after you rinse your hair out and blow-dry it still smells amazing. I would legit call this my holy-grail  everyday conditioner. My  go to holiday shower gel is the Snow Fairy, this is a very well-known product and is worth the hype if you like sweet smells.  This is  a perfect holiday pick me up and  I recommend buying it for the Lush lover in your life. Another scent I would like to mention that is my all time favourite is So White, sadly I  forgot to pick this one up when I was holiday shopping and now it is out at my local lush store ,  but  the apple scent is to die for.
I have to admit I have a serious addiction to the Lush massage bars. I think I have at least 5 or 6  and the collections is counting. I was only able to bring two out to my cabin since I was limited on space but they are so great! One of my favourite scents in the massage bar is the Each Peach one, and I brought a mini but I have a full size one at home. The Each Peach has a very nice citrus scent. Another honourable mention for massage bars that is not pictured is the strawberry feels forever which smells like strawberries. A really moisturizing hand and body cream is the charity pot, now the smell is okay but it is not my absolute favourite. It has a nice consistency and does not feel too heavy on the skin. Another item pictured is the king of skin bar. Now, the reason it looks really deformed is because I took had it in the car next to the vent while I was driving to my cabin and it melted, but it still works fine. I really enjoy the smell and on the website it says to use it in the shower but I usually just use it as a massage bar. One thing that came in the gift box for christmas was lemony flutter which is a very nice cuticle butter (that rhymed). I find that it really helps hangnails and cuticles and I cannot get over how great it smells. The butter has a really nice texture and is quite light on the skin.

Gift Set: Splash!
This is probable one of the best gift sets I have gotten. Now I haven't tried the soap or the shampoo bar but I can say that they smell wonderful. The gift set includes five products, some of which are quite large in size. The ocean salt is a very refreshing scrub, and is a great body exfoliant. I also find the scrub to smell amazing and it is also a really pretty blue colour. I would recommend using this scrub about 2-3 times a week t most as it is a coarse scrub. Shower jellies are some of my favourite products at lush. I don't know if it's the texture that makes them so enjoyable or if it is the smell because I absolutely love the smell of this whoosh shower jelly. I am very exited to try the shampoo bar and soap because they smell really nice and refreshing. I already talked about the cuticle butter, and it is lovely.

Random Items
Okay I forgot to include these in the photos so I am just including them in this category out of pure laziness;) This Santa's Belly shower jelly smells amazing, I was pleasantly surprised with the smell since it smells exactly like the So White shower gel that is an all time favourite. This year I was really exited to find this Santa Baby lip balm in this packaging. It has a really nice red tint and is quite smooth to put on, and the colour lasts a super long time, I found it quite similar to the it started with a kiss lip tint which is also quite nice. This last product is another one of my all time favourites and is something I use on the daily. The bubblegum lip scrub smells amazing and works wonders for the dead skin on my lips. It is perfect for long, cold Canadian winters. Another thing I forgot to take a picture of but was included in the group photo is the butterbear bath bomb which is a really nice smelling bath treat. First Snow is also a really nice citrus body powder that makes your skin perfumed and sparkly.

Thank you so much for reading, all opinions are my own

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Happy Holidays

Hey there,
       So recently I have been super busy with Christmas related things, but I do have a very special post for today. I was lucky to be able to spend Christmas with close friends and  family. From face timing family in New Zealand and Toronto to eating a huge turkey dinner, my Christmas was pretty great. I received many wonderful gifts, so thank you everyone:) Okay, now lets get to the beauty stuff. For Christmas I was lucky to get lots of beauty related items. Today I will share my first impressions and opinions on Too-Faced products! I have been wanting to try the brand for a while and I do know why I haven't gotten to it sooner, they have some pretty amazing products.

Too Faced 'Le Grand Chateau' Gift Box
   I was so excited to have received this gift. It is absolutely stunning and contains 18 highly pigmented and easily bendable eyeshadows. I also really love the better than sex mascara that came with it, there were no clumps and it added a lot of volume. I found that the mascara pairs very well with the benefit roller lash since I have long straight eyelashes. And can I just say the the packaging is adorable, it looks exactly like a little house. I found that all three eyeshadow  palettes had a different theme. My favourite would probably have to be the light blue coloured package if that makes any sense:) The eyeshadows are very bendable and seem to work for most skin tones. One thing I would say is that there should be more cool tones but otherwise the range was great. I absolutely adore the blush mademoiselle, I found it similar to Benefit's Rockateur, and it looks great on paler skin tones. I would recommend this to any makeup junkie or christmas lover. And sorry for the poor quality swatches, I was pressed for time.

Okay, so now i'm onto the second portion and I will be talking about the Too Faced Love palette. I find the eyeshadow is amazing, they are all super pigmented and have a wide range of colours.  A black eyeliner was also included in the palette and seems to be pretty good, it is creamy and easy to apply.I will definitely be buying more products from Too Faced.

That's all for now, Happy Holidays!