Saturday, 26 December 2015

Happy Holidays

Hey there,
       So recently I have been super busy with Christmas related things, but I do have a very special post for today. I was lucky to be able to spend Christmas with close friends and  family. From face timing family in New Zealand and Toronto to eating a huge turkey dinner, my Christmas was pretty great. I received many wonderful gifts, so thank you everyone:) Okay, now lets get to the beauty stuff. For Christmas I was lucky to get lots of beauty related items. Today I will share my first impressions and opinions on Too-Faced products! I have been wanting to try the brand for a while and I do know why I haven't gotten to it sooner, they have some pretty amazing products.

Too Faced 'Le Grand Chateau' Gift Box
   I was so excited to have received this gift. It is absolutely stunning and contains 18 highly pigmented and easily bendable eyeshadows. I also really love the better than sex mascara that came with it, there were no clumps and it added a lot of volume. I found that the mascara pairs very well with the benefit roller lash since I have long straight eyelashes. And can I just say the the packaging is adorable, it looks exactly like a little house. I found that all three eyeshadow  palettes had a different theme. My favourite would probably have to be the light blue coloured package if that makes any sense:) The eyeshadows are very bendable and seem to work for most skin tones. One thing I would say is that there should be more cool tones but otherwise the range was great. I absolutely adore the blush mademoiselle, I found it similar to Benefit's Rockateur, and it looks great on paler skin tones. I would recommend this to any makeup junkie or christmas lover. And sorry for the poor quality swatches, I was pressed for time.

Okay, so now i'm onto the second portion and I will be talking about the Too Faced Love palette. I find the eyeshadow is amazing, they are all super pigmented and have a wide range of colours.  A black eyeliner was also included in the palette and seems to be pretty good, it is creamy and easy to apply.I will definitely be buying more products from Too Faced.

That's all for now, Happy Holidays!

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