Wednesday, 28 December 2016

I'M BACK! Mercury in retrograde?

     Hello everybody! I am so sorry that I have not been blogging lately, I have been really busy and I have had a lot of stuff going on. Lately my life has been going pretty good (knock on wood) I have spent lots of time with family and animals:) Having a break off from my busy life has been good too, I get to go back to my hermit tendencies which involve curling up with a book or binge watching Netflix. I have also got some new makeup coming in the mail along with some clothing items! I cannot wait to do some more beauty blogging! I have also enjoyed skiing with my family at our cabin, though today I am super sore:/ 
     Lately I have been facing the after Christmas and holiday blues. I have not been sleeping well and during the day I  have been feeling"off". I dismissed this as lack of activity but when I looked online I saw that mercury was in retrograde. Now what is mercury retrograde, and why would this affect us, you may ask. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun so it has a shorter orbit . It makes a rotation every so often but when it passes earth every three or four times a year, Mercury appears to be moving backwards! Now Mercury is not actually moving backwards, but the upsetting part about this phenomenon is the affect it supposedly has on us. I read that the planet Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth, and travel. When the planet moves backwards, all of those aspects of life seem to go awry. People claim that when the planet starts to go in retrograde they can start to feel off, get in more arguments, forget sentences and thoughts, experience technical difficulties, and a whole bunch of other crazy things. I read that re assessing your life, putting big projects on hold, and going with the flow will help you get through the retrograde. I cannot say I am a firm believer that this causes technical difficulties but I do believe that the planets orbits can affect us in different ways and Mercury could be causing some of my problems. Just remember to go with the flow everyone! Have a great new year and expect more regular blog posts!

Dates of retrograde -btw I found these online so they cannot be 100% reliable

1.) Dec 19th-Jan 8th 2016-17
2.) April 9th-May 3rd 2017
3.) Dec 3rd-Dec 22nd 2017

  I know this post was a bit different, but I have always had a huge interest in astrology, so thank you to  those who read through:)


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Autumn Favourites

Hello everybody,
     I am sincerely sorry that I have not had the chance to put up a blog post, I have been going through some stuff and have been really busy. I hope everyone is having a good fall! It has been really chilly here in Canada, we are actually getting fall weather and not just snow:)  Anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to catch you guys up on what I have been loving this month!
Here I have my absolute favourite eyeshadow palette! I have the other Naked Palette and the basics but this one is by far a winner. I think the rosy hues are perfect for fall and are super wearable. Kudos to UD for eyeshadow palettes! I also love the rose hued packaging.

The third, fourth, and seventh shades from the left are my favourites

This is a holy grail foundation. It blends nicely and lasts almost a whole day. I like to use a foundation brush best because it has a liquid consistency but I will sometimes use a beauty blender. It is also build able coverage so you can customize the amount of coverage you want. I only need about 1 full pump for medium coverage and one and a half for full.

I just picked up these mini beauty blenders from Sephora! They are so so cute, and will work well for concealer and blending.

This Naked Skin concealer is my all time favourite concealer. It blends into the skin seamlessly without looking cakey! It only took a tiny bit to cover up blemishes.

I love this cream brow product from Benefit! It comes with a built in brush and the colour payoff is perfect. It doesn't budge so it lasts almost all day. You can also build the product to be more natural or dramatic if you are going out. I will definitely be trying the rest of the brow line but this one is amazing! 

I was in the checkout line at Sephora, and I  think  everyone that has been in the store has fallen prey to the on the go favourites section, you know the one with all the travel sized stuff? Well of course I needed to pick up something from there, I applaud anyone who can go through there without buying something, I will also applaud Sephora for their marketing strategy. Anyways, I love this dry shampoo for when you are too lazy to wash your hair or if your hair is in need of volume.

I have had this liquid lippie for a while and I have fallen in love with it! The formula is the perfect velvety matte but does not dry out my lips. This is definitely a winner in my book.

This is in the shade 'Dusty Rose'

Lastly, I have the Becca champagne pop highlighter stick. It is the perfect highlighter for a nice subtle glow.

My favourite Halloween/Fall movie has got to be Practical Magic! I love movies about witches and the setting is beautiful!

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Current Favourites

Hey Everyone
    I can't believe we are a little over half way through July! It still feels like it's June, summer seems to be fading into fall awfully quick. I thought I would do my photos a bit differently so I could show off my awesomely bright gel nails that I just had done. Since it has been a while since I updated my favourites I figured today would be perfect because I just got my new Too Faced palette in the mail on the 13th, so I gave myself time to try it out. Hope you guys like these products!

Lately I have accumulated a TON of sample masks from subscription boxes, sephora, and  stores. I don't really know how I ended up with so many(I have like 10 more lying around my room). Anyways, these are my three favourite masks. I have been wearing these ones a lot because they are very refreshing and perfect for the warm weather no to mention perfect for travel.

I was so excited when the new Too Faced palette Totally Cute came in the mail. It has nine highly pigmented matte, shimmer, and pearl finish shades. The packaging is nice but I think I will be using the stickers that came in the palette for something else. I have played around with the shades and they are all super bendable and the names are hilarious.

Here is what it looks like when you open up the palette.

I think this is my holy grail concealer! I popped into Sephora a little  while ago to pick up  a few things and had my eyes set on this concealer. If you don't want to wear a whole bunch of foundation because of the heat, then a full coverage concealer will do perfectly. I love using my beauty blender to blend this on my skin, and I get great results!

Since I don't like to wear heavy lipstick in the summer, I usually go for a tinted lip balm or lip stain because they don't feel as heavy. This Sugar lip balm  is really buttery and gives off great colour.

Since I am really pale and do not tan well, I use bronzer. My all time favourite bronzer is the Benefit Matte Hoola bronzer, it gives off a perfect natural glow.

I love this rose salve because you can use it for virtually everything such as lips, elbows, knees, and even cuticles. 

Last but not least is my Swell bottle. Since it is summer you need to drink even more water when the sun is beaming down. Ever since I got my swell I seem to actually want to drink more water. Though what really sold me on it was that it keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.

Have  great summer everyone!


Monday, 27 June 2016

Book Favourites Part Two!

Hello world,
     Happy summer! I am so glad I can finally sit back and enjoy the summer sun. So a little while ago I did a blogpost about some of my favourite books and I wanted to do another book post. I know my blog focuses on beauty but books are such an important part of my life that I can't skip out on doing another bookish post. On a more sappy note, books have gotten me through really are times and have always been important. Part of the reason I have confidence is because book characters inspire me to be myself and have helped shape who I am today. I don't know wether it is the relatability of the characters or the hardships they experience but books always make me feel better.
     I like to read a wide variety books from classics to mystery novels. My favourite genre is contemporary because it takes a really great writer to make a contemporary novel unique and not too cliché. I also really love adventure and mystery novels because they are packed with action and suspense( and a little romance). So if you are looking for something to read look to my book posts for some inspiration. Thank you so much guys for reading my blog!

Book 1: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
   Classics are some of my very favourite books to read because there is always something special that makes a classic book a classic. Sense and Sensibility is always a book I will keep close to my heart because the characters are very relatable and strong throughout the book. Jane Austen's subtle humour and irony contribute to the greatness of this book. I always look up to Eleanor Dashwood because she was a very strong and relatable character. Another thing I enjoyed about this book was the bond between Eleanor and Marianne, which was an amazing sisterly bond. If anyone has watched or read Bridget Jones' Diary they will know(and love) the character of Mark Darcy who is very similar to the Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen's book.

Book 2: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
This book is soon good. It is very sad and what I mean by sad is sitting in your bed at 11pm crying your heart out. But it also shines light on the fact that life is short and that you should live in the present and enjoy the people around you while they are there. I could also relate to Louisa's character because she was quirky and outspoken just like me:)

Book 3 To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
   This is probably one of my all time favourite books. I absolutely love the characters because all of them are very well written and some of the Situations Lara Jean finds herself in are hilarious! This book also kinda reminds me of the relationship between me and my friends which is similar to the three sisters form the book. I also kind find certain aspects of this book embarrassingly relatable.

Book 4 A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro
  This is a fairly new book that I just picked up at chapters. I read it in two days because it was so suspenseful. This book is a classic mystery novel with a twist, the two main characters are the descendants of Holmes and Watson! I loved this book because it was very unique and had a very interesting storyline. The character of Charlotte was definitely not relatable to me or frankly to anyone I know but was a very strong character all in all. If you like mystery and suspense novels you will enjoy this one!

Book 5 Rebel of the Sands By Alwyn Hamilton
  I just finished reading this book yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed this book for many reasons including; the main character, the setting, and the storyline. Amani was an incredibly strong character that is very inspiring. I also loved the setting of the desert because it was unique and really added to the story. I also enjoyed the fact that the main character had many flaws but went through some major character development making it a very interesting read.

Thank you so much!

Friday, 24 June 2016

Summer FabFitFun Unboxing!

      It's that time again, meaning my FabFitFun box has finally made its way to Canada! I was super excited for this box and I couldn't resist looking at the spoilers, so I already knew what was in the box. This box is super summer-y and I cannot wait to use the products inside. If you don't know, FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box service that contains lifestyle, beauty, and fitness goodies with over a $200 value AND full size products! My favourite product from the bow would have to be the atmosphere protection cream or the ice pop molds. I really like FabFitFun because it offers a huge variety of stuff and has exclusive stuff that only FabFitFun subscribers have access to. Below are some pics of me opening the box for the first time.
This box contains; Microderm scrub, beach waves spray, passport to beauty lipgloss, Betchsicles ice pop molds, Osea atmosphere protection cream, Summer and Rose beach towel, and a Trina Turk tote bag.

I LOVE the packaging of this box

All boxes come with a small booklet of DIY'S, recipes, and more.


Sunday, 19 June 2016

My Favourite Spring and Summer Teas!

      Hey guys, do you like the new set up of my blog? It took me forever but I think it makes  posts way more accessible. Anyways, lately I have been drinking tea religiously and I could say I have developed a certain taste for tea. Below are some of my favourite teas for the summer. The majority of these teas are from Davids Tea but I think all tea is great:) Most teas I drink are iced but I'm sure they would taste good hot. Remember to read the directions on the tea to steep it accordingly!

This here is the Caribbean Crush herbal tea from Davids Tea. I love this one because it has a very tropical taste and is really refreshing for the summer. The main ingredients in this tea that make up the flavour are; Pineapple, Cranberry, and Papaya. This tea is on the sweeter side with a tiny hint of tanginess.

This Pom Diggity is a black tea from Davids also. I really like this tea because it mixes really well with other teas but also tastes great as a stand alone tea. The main flavours are; pomegranate and hibiscus. 

This is a super delicious tea! It definitely tastes like fruit punch but more rich and exotic. I love to imagine myself by the pool sipping this one. The main flavours are; mango, pineapple, and tangerine. 
I LOVE this fairy dust iced tea. The name was what originally drew me to it, but the flavour is also a winner. Unlike other teas, this one is super unique. The main flavours are; strawberry and kiwi.

Last but certainly not least, is the Just Peachy from Davids Tea. This tea is a favourite within the store and friends and family. It is amazing iced and tastes nice and sweet. The main flavours are; peach, apples, and blackberry leaf.

Now go and enjoy some tea! You deserve it ;)

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Spring Smoothie Bowl Ideas

Hey guys,
   So I am super pumped because it is almost summer! I am literally counting down the minutes until the break. Lately I have been noticing that smoothie bowls have become a super hot trend, so I thought I would give them a chance. If I am being honest here, I thought smoothie bowls were stupid, why can't you just drink a smoothie? But I proved myself wrong. The unique thing about the bowls is that you can decorate them so they look super cool and they can be easier to eat. I decided to make up some cool bowl recipes. I wasn't able to take a pic of two of them because I made them and then I forgot to take pics and ate them because they are just so great:) Smoothie bowls are also a great way of getting nutrients in. When making the smoothie bowls, keep in mind that you are not making a drinkable smoothie, this is more like frozen yogurt so extra liquid is not needed.

Bowl 1 
Smoothie Base ingredients
- 1/2 cup of frozen cherries
-1/2 cup of raspberries(frozen
- several chunks of frozen mango
-Wild berry juice ( add in the bare minimum, just enough to enable the fruits to blend)
- Bananas
- Pineapple
-Chia Seeds
- Granola
- Nectarine

Bowl 2 
Smoothie Base
- Frozen mango
- Frozen peaches
- Frozen pineapple 
- Orange juice ( just enough so that the fruits can blend)

- Kiwi
- Pineapple
- Chia Seeds
- Greek yogurt 

Bowl 2
Smoothie Base
- Kale
- mango
- Blueberries
- Juice of your choice( just enough to enable the fruits to blend)
- chia seeds
- raspberries
- Strawberries
- Almonds

Love Calla

Monday, 23 May 2016

My Top Five's

Hey guys,
    Long time no see, sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Anyways, I thought I would do a chatty post today since it's raining outside. I will be listing a few of my top five  things so you guys can get to know me a bit better:)

My top five: MOVIES
1.) Pretty Woman
2.) Mamma Mia
3.) Dazed and Confused 
4.) Heathers
5.) Breakfast at Tiffany's

My Top Five: TV SHOWS
1.) Grey's Anatomy
2.) The Office
3.) Gilmore Girls
4.) Freaks and Geeks
5.) Arrested Development 

My Top Five: BOOKS
1.) Jane Eyre
2.) To all The Boys I've Loved Before
3.) Fangirl
4.) Bridget Jones' Diary
5.) Catcher in The Rye

1.) Benefit
2.) Too Faced
3.) Make Up Forever
4.) Urban Decay
5.) Stila


Sunday, 1 May 2016

April Favourites!

Hey guys,
  Since April is coming to an end, wait it's already May?! Anyways since it is now May I will be doing my monthly favourites. This spring I have really been trying to focus on my skin and health so be prepared for a lot of skin stuff. 

First off I have the AG dv8 texture spray. I absolutely love to curl my hair in the spring and summer months. There is just something about nice beach waves that is so perfect for spring. I always use this stuff after I have curled my hair with my flat iron. This spray makes my hair look 10 times better than just leaving it natural, it makes my hair look so full and springy. I highly recommend this for any hairstyles.

Now here is my Clarisonic Mia. This is something I have been wanting for ages. Hearing people rave about these brushes made me want one even more. I have been using this for about two weeks now and I worship it. This cleansing brush makes my skin feel so clean and smooth without damaging it. The brush head is meant for sensitive skin but they do have other heads( not sure if thats just for marketing). I use this twice a day after removing my makeup. The brush head needs to be changed every three months and charged about every 20 uses. I didn't feel the need to upgrade to the Mia 2 because this covers just about everything. Now personally I don't think two speed brushes are that different but I am not an expert. I have to say this is definitely worth your money and your skin will thank you for it.

Okay so I have mentioned this product before but there is a reason behind it. If you are looking for a nice light coverage natural glow I highly recommend this tinted moisturizer. When I use my beauty blender it gives off the nicest glow ever. 

This is the HelloLegs lotion. Now this came in my FabFitFun box and it is so great. Since it is that time of the year again this is perfect for Spring. It makes your legs so soft and not to mention it smells amazing.

I LOVE Mario Bedescu products! I have probably 1/4  of their skin care stuff because it works so well with my skin.  I always love to use masks in the spring(and year round) because they make my face feel so fresh. This is a mask I use once a week to calm down redness and heal my skin. 

Last but not least I have 'Eat Pretty' book  by Jolene Hart. This book is so perfect for Spring because  it really helps your skin, body, and mind. This  is filled with tips and tricks on healthy eating, so go pick it up now(I am not kidding when I say now).

Happy Spring!

Monday, 25 April 2016

FabFitFun Spring Box Opening!

   So lately I have been really wanting to try out a new subscription box(I still love Ipsy don't worry). I have heard SO much about FabFitFun on Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, etc. Naturally I had to try out this box. If you guys have been living under a rock for the last couple years and don't know what a subscription box is, a monthly or quarterly box filled with all sorts of goodies. Some boxes will have makeup some will have clothes, some even have food. Finding which box is for you is what matters. I wanted a box with a variety of things to try out and FFF had just that. FFF is a lifestyle box. Most subscription boxes come monthly or seasonally. In this case, the box comes seasonly. Now what really sold me on FabFitFun was the full size products. The first box I have received was the spring box which is super awesome and not to mention really pretty.  My favourite thing in the box would probably have to be the bath bomb trio because they smell so good, but everything in this box is awesome.

About the box
The value of the spring box is $282.91
Comes every three months
Cost $50 per season not including shipping
Ships to Canada: Yes
Over $200 dollar value
Yoga mat strap and fitness band

Opening the box

The box comes with a little magazine about whats inside, brand info, and DIY's

Packaging is so pretty

Postcard, 31 bits gift card, Sterling Forever gift card, Jook and Nona tag necklace

ISH contour kit

Marakesh oil and hello legs lotion

herb growing kit

Bath bomb trinity and keratin socks and gloves

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Oahu Trip Pictures

Hello everyone,
As promised I am doing the second part of my travel guide thing. Sorry I have not been able to post this sooner, I  had an overload of work since I was away an extra week due to being sick. 
  This year I had tons of fun in Oahu, even though we have been to this island several times previously it still feels like a new adventure each time.  Lots of people always ask me, "what's your favourite island?", my reply is always the same, which is that I cannot choose because they are all so wonderful. You seriously can't go wrong choosing an island. 
  I am very thankful to be able to go on trips like this and be able to share these memories with you guys.

I did not get any photos of shopping but I will list some of my favourite shopping areas and stores.
1.) Kailua shops: Mahina, Sand People, Global Village, SoHa Living
2.) Ala Moana Shopping Centre
3.) Waikele Outlets

  A little bit on where I stayed
Island: Oahu, Hawaii
Area: Kailua
Property type: Vacation rental off of VRBO

Lanikai Beach- near Kailua beach where we stayed

Right off of our property in Kailua- beautiful scenery and amazing waves

Another of sunny Lanikai with the twin islands in background

A highlight of my trip! The pillbox hike has beautiful views and  is super fun. I recommend going in the morning so that you do not get too got, especially when you do the full hike like we did.

Another picture from the pillbox hike-towards the start of the hike

Great view from the pillbox hike 

This is a picture of another small island from a scenic point along the highway near Sandy Beach- if you come in whale season be sure to visit here

Classic beach photo on Kailua Beach

I managed to sneak a photo of some spinner dolphins we saw on a wonderful snorkel trip which included three stops

A great place in Haleiwa to get Gelato is Gelato Hawaii

We stopped on the side of the road on the North Shore to get some cool pics of the waves

Another pic from the North Shore

On our last full day we went to an amazing beach that had some cool sand and shells- I cannot remember the name of the beach but I do know that it is near Turtle Beach on the North Shore

I always love to find cats in Hawaii, it has become somewhat a tradition. I named him Sunny

Last but not least- Sunset Beach North Shore- Amazing place to watch waves and immerse yourself in the Hawaiian lifestyle