Sunday, 20 March 2016

Beach Trip Essentials

   Long time no blog, this time I have an actual excuse. So for the last week or so I have caught a super nasty cold, and when I say super that is a HUGE understatement. The other downside was that I had to get sick just before I went to Hawaii. Anyways, I really missed blogging and I am really happy to be here in Hawaii on the mend. This year I decided to travel back to O'ahu and stay on the windward side of the island. Every other time we  have been to O'ahu we stayed in the Ko Olina resort which was absolutely spectacular. I am so excited to be in Kailua this time. For the sake of being in Hawaii I thought it would be fitting to do a beach essentials post to get everyone in the spring break mood. Like last year, I will have a travel guide post up with where to eat, sleep, and lots of beach pictures so  stay tuned!

Books are a great way to entertain yourself at the beach. Right now I am reading The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen because it looked like a beach-y book.

Okay so this goes hand in hand with sunscreen. Aloe vera is a must for when you get burned. I have to admit that I have a pretty killer sunburn right now but the aloe is really helping. Make sure to keep on applying sunscreen throughout the day. I also like to use my Mario Badescu acne cleanser which contains aloe vera to wash my face.

Lip balm is a must have. Even your lips can burn so I recommend a sunscreen lip balm. This one is spf 30  and smells good. 

I always wear or bring a swimsuit to the beach. I love to boogie board and  play in the ocean. My Lululemon swimsuit is perfect for sporty gals, or even ones that like to relax. I also love that it is reversible so you can wear a new combination every day.

I like to bring a magazine to flip through while i'm tanning.

I always bring a cover-up to wear before and after I go in the ocean. This is actually an over sized t-shirt I bought from Aritzia. 

Lastly, I always bring sunnies to wear when the uv rays are beaming down.

Hope everyone has a great spring break regardless of where they are!



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