Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It's The Little Things That Matter

Hey everyone,
 Since it is raining outside I have decided to do a new blogpost. I thought it would be a cool idea to show you guys some of my favourite travel sized products. Now I am a HUGE fan of travel size products because you can bring so much more stuff with you on vacation. The majority of the small products I get are from Ipsy or from gift sets(also a huge fan of those). Travel products are also easy to store and super cute. Since I am on vacation I do not have as good lighting as at home so forgive me for that. I am also jotting down new travel guide post ideas for you guys so keep an eye on my blog.

First I chose the Pacifica mini 'Glow Baby' face scrub because it smells amazing and is a great overall facial exfoliant. This product came in a kit with four other travel size face masks and scrubs, all of which I enjoy. I always bring this one with me because it works very well with scrubbing away the dead skin on my face.

Second is the Tart loose finishing powder which I got in the month before lasts glam bag. I think loose powder is a must have for travel because it sets your makeup and helps absorb oils. This Tarte powder is one of my favourites and I was so excited when it came in my glam bag. It also has quite a bit of powder considering its size. If I were to choose between the compact or the loose for travel I would recommend a compact powder but this is still really great.

Another Ipsy product(surprise). This is the legendary Smashbox photo finish primer. There isn't much to say about this product except for the fact that it is great for travel. It is lightweight and helps your makeup stay on for hours into the day.

I absolutely love to collect mini travel fragrances. My favourite right  now is the Tocca cleopatra  scent. It is perfect for a night out or day for that matter. I think samples are best for travel because you won't use much perfume on vacation and you can bring them in your carry on for the plane.

My favourite highlighter of all time is Benefit's high beam. This highlighter provides a nice dewy shine perfect for natural makeup or even strobing. Another less popular benefit highlighter I love is the girl meets pearl but thats another story for another time. This highlighter comes in three sizes, the tiny one shown above, a slightly larger one, and the full size. This time I brought the tiniest one because I will be in the water a lot. I got this highlighter in the party popper christmas set from Benefit.

Another Benefit product! I think almost everyone has heard about the liquid cheek stains from Benefit at one point or another. I love the classic bene tint but the poise and lolli tints are equally great though I have never tried cha cha tint. This cheek stain is very long lasting and gives a nice natural glow. I got this one in a set with another high beam and poise tint.

Yet again, another Ipsy product. I was so excited when this eye liner came in my Ipsy bag because it is worth like 40 dollars and it is waterproof. This eyeliner is pretty good but can sometimes flake off if you have worn it for a while. I really like it because it has a very thin brush that helps with creating that much sought after cat eye 
Last but not least is this gem. The Smashbox full exposure mascara is a great travel size mascara. So much so that I actually have two travel sizes open at once. I usually use this as an everyday mascara and it lasts a very long time. I got this product in an Ipsy bag.

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