Sunday, 19 June 2016

My Favourite Spring and Summer Teas!

      Hey guys, do you like the new set up of my blog? It took me forever but I think it makes  posts way more accessible. Anyways, lately I have been drinking tea religiously and I could say I have developed a certain taste for tea. Below are some of my favourite teas for the summer. The majority of these teas are from Davids Tea but I think all tea is great:) Most teas I drink are iced but I'm sure they would taste good hot. Remember to read the directions on the tea to steep it accordingly!

This here is the Caribbean Crush herbal tea from Davids Tea. I love this one because it has a very tropical taste and is really refreshing for the summer. The main ingredients in this tea that make up the flavour are; Pineapple, Cranberry, and Papaya. This tea is on the sweeter side with a tiny hint of tanginess.

This Pom Diggity is a black tea from Davids also. I really like this tea because it mixes really well with other teas but also tastes great as a stand alone tea. The main flavours are; pomegranate and hibiscus. 

This is a super delicious tea! It definitely tastes like fruit punch but more rich and exotic. I love to imagine myself by the pool sipping this one. The main flavours are; mango, pineapple, and tangerine. 
I LOVE this fairy dust iced tea. The name was what originally drew me to it, but the flavour is also a winner. Unlike other teas, this one is super unique. The main flavours are; strawberry and kiwi.

Last but certainly not least, is the Just Peachy from Davids Tea. This tea is a favourite within the store and friends and family. It is amazing iced and tastes nice and sweet. The main flavours are; peach, apples, and blackberry leaf.

Now go and enjoy some tea! You deserve it ;)

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