Sunday, 12 June 2016

Spring Smoothie Bowl Ideas

Hey guys,
   So I am super pumped because it is almost summer! I am literally counting down the minutes until the break. Lately I have been noticing that smoothie bowls have become a super hot trend, so I thought I would give them a chance. If I am being honest here, I thought smoothie bowls were stupid, why can't you just drink a smoothie? But I proved myself wrong. The unique thing about the bowls is that you can decorate them so they look super cool and they can be easier to eat. I decided to make up some cool bowl recipes. I wasn't able to take a pic of two of them because I made them and then I forgot to take pics and ate them because they are just so great:) Smoothie bowls are also a great way of getting nutrients in. When making the smoothie bowls, keep in mind that you are not making a drinkable smoothie, this is more like frozen yogurt so extra liquid is not needed.

Bowl 1 
Smoothie Base ingredients
- 1/2 cup of frozen cherries
-1/2 cup of raspberries(frozen
- several chunks of frozen mango
-Wild berry juice ( add in the bare minimum, just enough to enable the fruits to blend)
- Bananas
- Pineapple
-Chia Seeds
- Granola
- Nectarine

Bowl 2 
Smoothie Base
- Frozen mango
- Frozen peaches
- Frozen pineapple 
- Orange juice ( just enough so that the fruits can blend)

- Kiwi
- Pineapple
- Chia Seeds
- Greek yogurt 

Bowl 2
Smoothie Base
- Kale
- mango
- Blueberries
- Juice of your choice( just enough to enable the fruits to blend)
- chia seeds
- raspberries
- Strawberries
- Almonds

Love Calla

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